2016 Will Be Year of SEO/SEM Do It Yourself

2016 will be the Year of SEO/SEM: As a SMO Consultant I am always doing studies and analyzing the philosophy to answer my clients and associates queries. To lead SEO or SEM & SMO , (Social Media Strategies for different categories and execution for all different organizations websites, analysis and checked KPI to constantly optimization to meet business targets. Supporting client dedicated teams with SEO or SEM/SMO ventures we do research competitive brands, industry categories for both team and customers we we assist how to build new business securing endeavors in the areas of Organic and paid media campaign.

No doubt SEO will be the main focus area for e-commerce and other industries for generating business in year 2016

Do Not Ignore the Local Google Business / Local SEO

A nearby focused SEO strategy increases the visibility for block n-mortar organizations when consumers either in the span of the business search on a cell phone or when they perform a desktop search for products and services in a specific geographic zone. Local searches will include keywords and expressions that identify with the right
organization inside of their neighborhood, city, community or whatever else that identifies with a particular area and its surrounding area.

Barnacle SEO

Barnacle SEO works similarly as the marine creature

which joins itself to a much bigger strong surface and after that sustains on particles that float by in the water. A business with a lower search positioning can join itself to a much bigger site with a much higher search ranking and feed the search results they are getting. When somebody looks for the bigger site, the littler site, which has been joined with it, can now be found inside of the bigger site.

Country Wise SEO

Select The Target Countries and focus Nation Wise SEO

Selection of countries or national SEO is the opposite of local SEO and would apply to organizations that are not bound by a physical area, but rather can benefit anybody in the country. Amazon is a good sample of a business that would have a national SEO methodology rather than local. They don