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SEO Company Delhi: Certified SEO & Digital Marketing Professionals.

We help you generate online business enquires through search engine and social media optimization. We as a Digital Marketing Company in India empower our partners (Clients) by providing structured and result oriented marketing campaigns to achieve expected goals. With the team of certified professionals we design and develop result oriented online marketing campaigns including Search Engine optimization (SEO), Sponsored PPC listing, Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Digital Marketing covers a wide range of marketing activities, all of which are not universally agreed upon, there are many elements that come with a great digital marketing plan, so make sure you begin planning your campaign with the right strategy and implement the right tools well before the starting date. We offer a result oriented digital marketing plan and available to answer any related questions and provide advice on how to get started on digital marketing for your organization. Feel free to pick our brains. Contact Us for any digital marketing queries and we will help you.

Digital Marketing Company in Delhi


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Build SEO friendly, optimized & content rich Website

Your customers should affect every aspect of your digital marketing strategy but the ultimate goal is selling or lands to our webpage. A website is your calling card to all the target prospects. If our customers finding what they expected when they reach our website is a goal!

  • Good Page Speed - Website should be light and fast download
  • Responsive design – Website should be device responsive
  • Encourage Lead Conversions: Sponsor advertisement can generate traffic but your website must have potential to convert hits in to potential conversions.
  • Optimized for organic search: Website should optimized and search engine friendly.

Importance of Social Media Promotion:

Social media marketing helps to validate your brand.

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn offer flexible ad options that allow you to segment by geographic location, demographics, interests, and more.. also digital advertising gives you “opt-in” customers who follow your blog and social media accounts, to those who receive your notifications are interested in your products and want information.

Setup Google Analytics and Google Remarketing Code

Analyze traffic, live users and behavior by age, gender and interest categories.

To take advantage of Remarketing with Analytics and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads with Analytics, we need to setup analytic and remarketing code on our targeted website to see data in the Demographics and Interests reports, see GDN Impression data in the Multi-Channel Funnel reports, and can take advantages
To enable Remarketing and enable Advertising Reporting Features for a web property, we need to have Edit permission for that property.

Setup Google Analytics and Google Remarketing Code

Analyze traffic, live users and behavior by age, gender and interest categories.

We are expertise in Magento, Prestashop, Open Cart & Woocommerce ecommerce solutions, These open source ecommerce platforms provide all the functionality of proprietary systems, while at the same time providing users with the benefits of being open source. They are generally built around and by a community of loyal followers and contributors. This community is in turn what makes open source so great.

Retargeting & Remarketing Setup

Repeated advertisement on websites and social media

Retargeting is most often used to describe online ad placements and display ads, served based on a user’s activity on your site. A user comes to your site, a cookie’s set and you can now target ads to them on other sites they visit, hence the term retargeting. What makes retargeting so appealing is that it’s done through third party networks like AdBrite and the Google display network, giving you the opportunity to reach users wherever they are, on millions of sites.

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