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We are Google Partner & Adword Certified company serving SEO services from more than 12 years and serving many corporates and individuals. We all knows that buyer spends 70% of its time searching on google and other search engines to browse, understand, read, buy, sell material online that when multiplied by total number of users in world gives you a mind boggling figure. Search Engine Optimization is the very core and most result oriented factor for establishing a brand’s identity and lead generations in internet world.

What is SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimization’. SEO is a process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.

In order words, SEO is a process of optimizing of online content so that search engines (in most cases it is Google) likes to show the content among the top result when someone searches of a certain keyword related to the content.

Why is SEO important?

It is a fact that the first five results on Google get 67% of all clicks. So if you are a business owner and trying to sell your products online and your product doesn’t rank on the first five results when someone searches about that product then you lost 67% of your potential customers.

SEO is categorized into

*On Page SEO

*Off-Page SEO

On Page SEO: The prediction which was made in 1996 by Bill Gates i.e. Content is King is true as even today. On Page SEO is all about content on the webpage. When someone searches for something on Google, Google put all its energy to deliver the best content available on the internet. It means that for a good SEO the first job is to produce great content for the web page.

Factors that make up great content in Google’s Eyes:-

Keyword Research: Doing proper keyword research is most important part of On Page SEO. Your Keyword should be relevant to the content on the webpage and should reflect what you are trying to say.

Suppose you are a manufacturer/reseller/retailer of “CCTV Camera” and want to sell the products online. And if someone searches the keyword “CCTV Camera” then it’s not a good practice to target this keyword. A person who searches for “CCTV Camera” might have the intention to learn about CCTV Camera, Its construction, functioning etc.

But when someone searches for “Buy CCTV Camera” the intention of the person is to buy CCTV Camera. So instead of “CCTV Camera” out focused keyword should be “Buy CCTV Camera” Thus’ keyword research is an integral part of On Page SEO. There are several tools available (paid and free) in the market to find relevant keywords for your webpage.


The second important thing for a good On-Page SEO is HTML. HTML is important to optimize Title and Meta Description of a webpage.

  • Title Tag: Title Tag is the main headline of the webpage. The title should be in the H1 tag to make it clear to Google what the content is about.
  • Meta Description:

Meta Description is an extract of the webpage that is displayed by the Google in the search result. Optimization of Meta Description increases the Click Through Rate i.e. more and more people click to your link.


The third and last integral part of On-Page SEO is Architecture of a website. A website with good architecture not only gives a great experience to the user but also helps the google spiders to crawl the website easily. The architecture of a website should offer great “search engine experience” and “user experience”.Things to keep in mind regarding Architecture of a website.

  • Easy to Crawl: Google loves that websitethose are easy to crawl. There should be interlinking of content with the relevant content which results in crawling from one page to next page through links.
  • Mobile Friendliness: if your website is not mobile friendly then you will lose the majority of the mobile-only So it is important that the website should be mobile friendly.

Off Page SEO: SEO is incomplete without Off Page SEO. Off Page SEO simply means building trust on Google about your website. Three big areas of Off-page SEO are Trust, Links and Social Media.

Google Trust

It is important to build trust with Google. Trust is a way for Google to see whether your website is legit or not according to the search. Things to improve while building trust:

  • Authority: Google considers of Domain Authority and Page Authority of a website in ranking the search result. The high quality of links can improve Authority of a website.
  • Bounce Rate: Bounce Rate of a website tells Google about the relevancy of the content. It is a measure of how many people view only one page of your website before immediately leaving again. Lower bounce rate helps in building trust on Google.

SEO Backlinks

Backlinks of a website are the links from other websites to that website.Backlinks tell Google how other websites trust your website. Backlinks are not everything in SEO but one should not ignore them as it plays a vital role in Off-page SEO.

Three factors to take care of while getting backlinks:

  • Quality Links: The quality of backlinks to your website matters much more than the number of links your website have. 10 links from high-quality website matter much more than 100 links from the low-quality So always make backlink from high quality of the website.
  • Anchor Text: Anchor Text is the text used by other websites to link to your website. If you are selling “CCTV Camera” through your website. Backlink with anchor text “CCTV Camera” matters much more than backlink with the anchor text “Security Appliances”.

Search Engine Optimization is the very core and most promising factor for establishing a brand’s identity and lead generations  in the internet world. One must seek a professional guidance to shortlist a mix of branding and lead generation keywords. Sainet Technologies is a leading SEO Company in Delhi ranks among the top Internet Marketing agency in India providing search engine optimization solutions and implementations.

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