Own Ecommerce / Selling on Marketplace?

Benefits of Selling in Marketplaces

Is it still better to sell on online marketplaces? Or is time to turn to your own store?

If you have your own ecommerce store than it is Great! Advantage of having your own e-commerce store is your customer only viewing your products, helping to promote your brand and you are not giving heavy commission to marketplaces.

Setup your ecommerce store is easy, we help you to build your own Ecommerce Portal Development but once the e-commerce store up and running, one of our main goals is to make enough profit so that it will be a economically viable. your business is economically viable. As a Ecommerce Consultant we always suggest and help our customer to increase sales and one main way to increase sales is to have your products listed in more than one online location.



Why Sellers Prefer Marketplaces

Marketplaces promote your brand without digital marketing expenditure

We have communicated with all different category sellers, they preferen marketplaces because they don’t need to invest on portal development and marketing in online marketplace, sellers found it a more favourable option due to no setup fees but only commission need to pay on sale only.

Setup your own Ecommerce Parallely

Troubles related to payments, late deliveries and returns on Marketplaces

We recommend you to kick start your business with the available online marketplaces, when you are start getting business and find yourself a strong in your category and have launched your product targeting the supply-demand trend, slowly and steadily you need to start working on your own ecommerce portal and spend on marketing.

If you are looking for a trusted and experienced Marketplace Listing Service Providers including Flipkart Product Listing & Advertising and Amazon Product Listing & Advertising similarly PayTM, Myntra, Snapdeal, Ebay, Shopcloues etc. You can outsource your work to Sainet Technologies.

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