Increase Sales on Marketplaces

Increase Sales on Marketplace

Easy Tips to Optimize Your Marketplace Sales

Ecommerce sales & awareness is increasing day by day in rural areas…

 also, ecommerce industry has seen a tremendous growth in last few years. Indian Ecommerce industry was valued at $ 12.6 billion in 2013 and is expected to breach the $100-billion mark by 2020. This growth has multiple reasons but internet usage and access, online deals and discounts and investment funding in online business are main reason of this growth. Every seller want to grow their businesses across geographies and reach out to more customers and ecommerce marketplaces are key platform for selling worldwide products.


Advantages of Marketplace Listing

Marketplaces is a best way to promote your brand without marketing expenditure

Listing your products on marketplaces is a best way to promote your brand exposure and get your products more views. Buyers are drawn to marketplace portals and Apps because of variety of products and the ease of the all-in-one shopping experience with a trusted portal. Top Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay, Myntra are key spot for obtaining buyers on your products who don’t know about your brand or products.

How to Increase sales on Marketplace

Writing Product Details and Image role

Marketplace Product Management Delhi: Product description plays a important role in ecommerce sale, It is a series of elements that comes together to display your product information to your ideal customer. A product description should contain following information:

  • Product Title (easily searchable)
  • Description short
  • feature highlights
  • Product details with specifications and advantages
  • Proper Resolution of Images
  • Video (if possible / required)
  • User Generated Content
  • User Reviews

A product description is anything that gives your customer a bigger idea what the product is, what it does and how it can solve their problem.

Ask for Reviews

The power of customer reviews is enormous, according to survey 88% of consumers now say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Try and think beyond the obvious, find reviews that include media. Video reviews or a review with a product picture could work wonders. If you know people locally that have enjoyed your product, go to them. Enquire at a local university to find students to help you with the project, this would only incur a small cost or could be free altogether.

Improve your SEO

As well as seller rating and price, all the marketplaces also look at keywords in the product’s title to rank listings. Amazon’s keyword stuffing option for a product’s title, description and keyword integration plays an important role in SEO, you can contact to SEO companies for optimizing your product listing, landing page url optimization and promotional consultancy services.

Stay competitive and win the Buy Box

Many sceptics who avoid selling on Amazon do so because of the misconception that it is too competitive. Despite 55% of its sellers reporting a profit margin of above 20%. Amazon states that along with availability, fulfilment and customer experience, pricing is important to winning the sale.

Sponsor Product Listing (Paid Advertisement)

All of the marketplaces offering sponsored listing services, if you are just starting out and unable to find your products on top pages you can promote your products as sponsored products. This enables your product to be displayed below search results, in the right hand column or on detail pages.

Coupons, Offers & Discounts

Discounts are an important way of converting highly motivated buyers and building lasting relationships. Daily deals and special offers could land you at top position for your product category. Offers and Discount can bring you home page under the “Hot Deals” and “New & Noteworthy” categories, which will generate enormous amounts of traffic.

Marketing outside of Marketplaces

SEO doesn’t mean on page optimization it includes on page and off page activities that help your products / pages rank top on search engines. Article writing, blogs writing is great way to achieve this, as you can target your niche with relevant content for free via Word Press. Additionally do not forgot social media and landing pages.

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