Trust Building On E-Commerce Websites

Simple Steps to Build Trust for eCommerce Websites

As a Web Developer and SEO professional, When I am thinking about good and bad e-commerce website I have realized that nothing is good and bad technically but the website who win the customer trust is a good one and always goes ahead with the competitors even has less products of design elements.

According to studies there are some facts that helps us to understand how do we win the trust of a customer to make a successful e-commerce.

Invest in Usability and Designing of Portal.

According to the various surveys we know that visitor will usually decide whether to spend more time on the website or leave within first 15 seconds, so make your website clean and shine, means it should look professional and include all information and highlight the customer attention stuff in the same time.

Give Great Customer Service.

Apart from responding each and every sales / support call and emails on time, you should make sure that customer feels satisfied that your company is trustworthy. Trust can achive by clearly outlining your refund and return policy.

I think to providing great customer service, need to have contact foms for cunsumer complain with a auto responder that we received your complain and we are working to resolve with a apologize message.

Show Your Contact Information and Support Points.

Don’t be afraid to share your profile, motto and contact details. You can show yourself photograph with your team with short information of each of them.
E-commerce Consultants found having a clear contact information, contact numbers and responsible person details increase the visitor trust on website and brand.

Provide Payment Security

Security is imperative and most important concern for any e-commerce website, transaction should be 100% risk free. Make sure that website is secure by using payments by net banking,credit / debit cards. If you have a third party payment gateway than gateway must be secure and ssl proof.

Share User Reviews & Testimonials

If you have some satisfied and happy customers, you should ask them for testimonials, Show the testimonials its increase the trust of customers and search engines also.

Rajiv Sharma