SEO Tips That Double E-Commerce Sales

Ecommerce Start-ups are rising more quickly than Indian population, Every graduate / engineer / business man have own ecommerce portal if they don’t have they want to start quickly. , Due to lack of organic traffic and brand promotion 60% website have been suspended the domain and 20% are running without business and the main reason of no business is website SEO, SMO and paid campaigning because every business required some initial cash burn but in a smart way. Lets understand how our website build help us to generate automatic promotion on google.

How to architect ecommerce portal’s products & category structure for Search Engine?

Design a simple architecture and write original content in a easy way, product information, uses, comparison, rating are strength of your pages.

It is important to link products and categories from your home page and internal category levels, this will ensure that google and other search engines crawls and indexes our products content quicker and fast, Products and categories should always link to the parent categories with the help of breadcrumb.

Approach to certified SEO professionals to Optimize your website theme so that new products are always presented on your home page where they’ll get found and indexed. A good internal link architecture will get your new product pages indexed and ranked quickly.

Some useful tips are below:

  • Add content for your popular & best selling products. Start by identifying your best-selling and most popular product pages using Web analytics tools and then updating them with content manually.
  • Strengthen your product categories. You can’t produce text for 100,000 different products. Instead, focus your SEO on strengthening the products’ parent category. Improve internal link architecture, breadcrumbs, and add relevant products to feed the search bots and teach them what your site is about.

How do you design your category list pages

Next to the home page, category pages are the most powerful and popular ones.

  • Treat Category page like a Individual Home page. Look at your categories as silos or niches that contain closely related product pages.
  • Add content to your category pages. You’ll find some excellent tips in this article.
  • Build deep-links to product categories. Guest blogging, content marketing and even paid ads work well, as does social media.
  • Use search-friendly URLs. This often gets quick results because you are giving the search engines strong hints about what this URL is about while giving visitors help and valuable information — just make sure to avoid keyword stuffing. The most effective URL structure for category pages (and product pages) is:
    1. Category Page:
    2. Sub-category page:
    3. Product page:

How to weave SEO Into The Web Design Process?

To making a good seo friendly portal, you need a specialist e-commerce Web designer who’s experienced and will work as a team with your SEO consultant.

When your website design and information architecture work in tandem, with no pages/URLs breaking out of the structure, you’ll boost the entire site every time you publish a new product page and ensure early crawling by search spiders. Good design and content along with a pleasant visitor experience will generate more sales.

E-commerce Web design is never “finished.” Work!

It’s a nonstop continues process of adding new modules, testing to hunt down the best performing variations. Best SEO Practices “tools” are important, but the best SEO Consultant or company is more important. An expensive consultant is not expensive if she can generate many more sales than a “cheap” one..